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This 3-day EQ Certification program is designed for keynote speakers, consultants, facilitators, and coaches who aim to enhance their skills in emotional intelligence training. Over the last 18 years, the team has experimented with a plethora of activities and creative modules for varied audiences from frontline to Senior Management and have documented them in a book which will be given away during the workshop. EQ World’s EQ Certification is about the practical application of Emotional Intelligence for an adult audience. Sessions can be tailored for young adults as well. This certification promises a comprehensive understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) and practical application techniques.

Participants will gain access to a wealth of resources including content, activities, research, templates, guides, and handouts, enabling them to conduct EQ interventions globally for diverse audiences. Through hands-on experience in an EQ workshop with a larger group, attendees will acquire practical insights into effective workshop delivery. Furthermore, the program focuses on deepening understanding of training methodologies, empowering participants to design tailored 1- and 2-day workshop outlines for various settings. Dedicated sessions on coaching skills equip individuals with the confidence to debrief EQCP profiles and facilitate coaching sessions effectively. Finally, participants will enhance their skills through participation in and observation of diverse presentations, enriching their repertoire of activities and training techniques.

  • Be equipped with a full range of tools to help people find their purpose, passion achieve fulfilment with what they are doing.
  • Learn methods that help you connect easily with others, communicate effectively and establish powerful relationships at work.
  • Experience a full blown 2-day workshop that you will learn to deliver.
  • Learn to build your 1 or 2-day workshop filled with research, activities and templates for use in either a corporate setting or informal group.
  • Learn the EQ Competency Framework and how to debrief and coach your clients.
  • Practice coaching each other in each of the EQ competencies through various templates and activities shared.


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Dr. Granville Ed D’Souza


For more information, please contact:
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or e-mail info@eqworld.com.
Malaysia: +60127297633

  • Comprehensive EQ Mastery: Attain a profound understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) concepts, facilitating effective interpersonal dynamics.
  • Applied Learning: Acquire practical skills to immediately deliver impactful EQ interventions, armed with engaging activities and research-backed content.
  • Tailored Workshop Design: Develop proficiency in crafting customized EQ workshops for diverse audiences, spanning corporate to informal settings.
  • Expert Coaching Techniques: Master coaching methods for debriefing EQCP profiles and confidently guiding individuals towards growth.
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Building: Learn to effortlessly connect, communicate effectively, and foster powerful relationships for enhanced performance.
  • Resourceful Utilization: Access a comprehensive suite of resources including books, manuals, and technical guides to support ongoing development and training.

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