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What is Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to perceive emotions in ourselves and others. It facilitates the learned ability to utilize the appropriate emotions to manifest intended outcomes in different contexts. Practicing EQ helps you to understand how your own reactions create predictable outcomes which are within your control. Having higher EQ helps one accept challenges and adapt to new situations quickly. Upon learning and practicing Emotional Intelligence, you will more easily recover from setbacks and handle situations with a clearer mind and awareness of its causes and potential consequences. You will also have the tools to think resourcefully and adapt to adversities that come with significant stressors faced in the course of the day. 
Leader as Coach
A fundamental function of leaders as coaches is to nurture the strengths and gifts of their charges to perform at optimal levels and stay consistently at high levels. One of the fundamental skills to achieve this is through the art of High Performance Coaching. A high competence in coaching greatly enhances the support and guidance that is needed to raise one’s capacity to achieve much higher level of confidence and performance when using his/her unique gifts. Many leaders tend to prescribe and recommend to others what should be done based on their own achievements, not recognizing that people have a unique brand, style and personality. EQHPC combines a unique blend of diagnosing underlying issues, asking laser questions to trigger “deep seated answers”, setting parameters and strategies to address gaps in performance and then setting a timeline for execution and manifestation of results. Be equipped with a full range of tools to help people find their purpose, passion achieve fulfilment with what they are doing.
  • Learn methods that help you connect easily with others, communicate effectively and establish powerful relationships at work.
  • Experience a full blown 2-day workshop that you will learn to deliver.
  • Learn to build your 1 or 2-day workshop filled with research, activities and templates for use in either a corporate setting or informal group.
  • Utilize our trademark “50 Activities EQ Trainers Play” to build additional workshops in addition to being given a 2-day workshop.
  • Learn the EQ Competency Framework and how to debrief and coach your clients.
  • Practice coaching each other in each of the EQ competencies through various templates and activities shared.

  • Understand that each coachee is unique and every individual requires a unique set of rules
  • Be equipped with a range of effective questions and be in the habit of asking rather than prescribing.
  • Understand the Emotional System and help others understand, cope and thrive with them
  • Help to access peoples’ purpose and evoke energy within
  • Pinpoint gaps in performance and take appropriate steps to rise above them
  • Uncover mental, emotional and behavioural blind spots that block performance
  • Capitalize on unique strengths and make them rise above existing limitations.
  • Remove blocks to limiting beliefs and focus on possibility thinking
  • Understand how the past has a bearing on your present and future
  • Trigger the Mental/Emotional Reset Button to get you on the Road again
  • Managing mood and emotional triggers.
  • Understand how people self-sabotage and get caught in their own stories.
  • Halt self-limiting behaviors and replace with mindful focus.
  • Coach the Performance Management process
  • Give balanced feedback and set stretched goals.
  • Set standards & blueprints in managing performance and progress of their mentees
  • Learn and practice the importance of Empathy and how it is demonstrated

In a Nutshell (What and who is it for?)

The EQ High Performance Coaching (EQHPC) certification is for anyone who wants to influence, teach, and inspire others to capitalize on one’s gifts and reach their potential. It covers 9 core EQ competencies, Personality studies and the interplay between the 2. Two profiling tools will be used, surrounded by a range of activity based coaching templates that will assist coaches in determining their coachees gifts and challenges on 18 check points. These templates provide unique platforms to facilitate conversations that dive deep into performance issues. They make conversations flow with a structure for ease of entering into a solution based approach.

** The EQ High Performance Coach Certification (EQHPC) is taught over five 5 days, consists of 50 hours of face-to-face experiential and engaging development of coaching skills. The 9 EQ competencies and Personality traits in combination form a blueprint for High Performance Coaching. This program is a culmination of 25 years of research by the EQ World team and is used as a coaching standard for leaders around the world.

*** All exercises are recorded in a Learning Management System for reference. Additional methods and processes will be available for reference.

The 2 Models We Use

The EQ Competency Framework
The EQ Competency Framework (EQCF) has 9 EQ behaviours that are observable and measurable. The model consists of 3 zones. At the ‘Core’ is Purpose. It forms the bedrock of why we are in this life for. When our direction is clear, our “why” in life bears a deeper meaning and it gives us a clear direction. This is where Passion and Purpose reside. 
The ‘Self’ Zone represents EQ with Self. The four competencies represented are consciousness, emotional management, optimism and self-efficacy. When your purpose is clear, it is important to address the relationship we have with ourselves. In other words, the quality of our thoughts and feelings, how effective we are as a result of how we speak to ourselves and our ability to handle our emotional state and effectiveness at handling tasks. 
The ‘Other’ Zone represents your relationship with others. The four competencies represented are empathy, trust, influence and connection. When we are clear about our direction (Purpose ), have emotionally healthy habits and resourceful thoughts, our relationships with others are harnessed. We are then able to influence and build connections with others which forge long term growth and respect.
The Enneagram 9 Points of VIEW
A powerful feature in this program is the use of the Enneagram and the 9POV profiling tool (9 Points of View). The underpinnings of this research is that you are born into one of 9 distinct types and have traits and qualities of all the styles in varying degrees. The system demonstrates your innate behaviors which explain many of the results and consequences of our decisions and behaviors. The system will clearly explain your style of leading and behaving and is able to detect whether we are functioning from a healthy or unhealthy way of leading. The exercises that follow will make connections to the way we think, make decisions, explain how energetic we are, how much we naturally engage others or prefer to work alone, etc. Most importantly, it teaches you how to get out of the unhealthy box and lead from a style which is grounded, matured and makes healthy connections with others.

Program Contents

  • Day1

    Importance of EQ; Qualities of a Great Coach; Performance Feedback; GROW Model; EQ Competency Framework; Purpose.
  • Day2

    Intrapersonal Coaching: Consciousness; Emotional Management; Optimism.
  • Day3

    Interpersonal Coaching: Trust; Influence; Conflict Management.
  • Day4

    Time Management; Empathy; the EQ Competency Profile; Coaching EQCP templates.
  • Day5

    Debriefing the EQCP, Practice additional EQ Coaching tools; Integrating the EQCP with the Enneagram.

The Facilitators

Administrative Details

Date: 7th, 13th, 18th, 25th, 28th of May 2021, 9am to 6pm.
Venue: To be announced
Fees: $2550 (Includes: Tea Breaks)