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This 5-day EQ Certification meant for keynote speakers, consultants, facilitators and coaches will equip you with content, activities, research, templates, guides and ready handouts to deliver EQ interventions immediately to varied audiences internationally. Over the last 18 years, the team has experimented with a plethora of activities and creative modules for varied audiences from frontline to Senior Management and have documented them in a book which will be given away during the workshop. EQ World’s EQ Certification is about the practical application of Emotional Intelligence for an adult audience. Sessions can be tailored for young adults as well.

In this certification, you will experience how a typical EQ workshop is conducted in the first 2 days with a larger group. The 3rd day is dedicated to deepening your understanding of training an EQ workshop and designing a 1 and 2 day outline. The 4th day will be spent understanding the coaching content, debriefing the EQCP profile and facilitating coaching templates with clarity so that you’d be able to debrief and coach with confidence. Finally, the 5th day is spent participating in, observing different presentations and enhancing your repertoire of activities and training skills. This jam packed 5 day EQ Certification is meant to get you practicing and teaching the content immediately after the workshop. Our full 2 day workbook, slides, TTT manual, Coach workbook and 50 Games EQ Trainers Play Activity book will be available to you so that you do not struggle putting the pieces together after the certification.

  • Be equipped with a full range of tools to help people find their purpose, passion achieve fulfilment with what they are doing.
  • Learn methods that help you connect easily with others, communicate effectively and establish powerful relationships at work.
  • Experience a full blown 2-day workshop that you will learn to deliver.
  • Learn to build your 1 or 2-day workshop filled with research, activities and templates for use in either a corporate setting or informal group.
  • Utilize our trademark “50 Activities EQ Trainers Play” to build additional workshops in addition to being given a 2-day workshop.
  • Learn the EQ Competency Framework and how to debrief and coach your clients.
  • Practice coaching each other in each of the EQ competencies through various templates and activities shared.


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Kenko Academy Marina Square, #03-130
6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594

Alicia Ng (+65) 9021 7669

Dr. Granville Ed D’Souza

Regular $3650
Early bird $3250 – If registered two (2) weeks or earlier before commencement of program.

245 pg Book on EQ for Success & High Performance, Trainers Guide, Slides, Workbook and lifetime member to the EQWorld site to access videos and Training, membership of EQ World Masterclass where we come back every year and add 2 days of new content.

“50 EQ Games Trainers Play” book by Dr Granville Ed D’Souza and Marion Nicole Teo

“Emotional Intelligence for Success and High Performance” book by Dr Granville Ed D’Souza

If you like to explore more about this book, watch some of the videos that feature the inspiration behind it here.

Debrief Manual and Technical Guide using the EQ Competence Framework

For more information and registration, please contact: Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637 & (+65) 9732 1384 or e-mail info@eqasia.com

For more information, please contact:
Singapore: WhatsApp (+65) 9021 7669
or e-mail info@eqworld.com.
Malaysia: +60127297633

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