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Enneagram Train-The-Trainer Certification (Level 3)

EQ World’s 4 day Enneagram Train-The-Trainer Certification will equip you with training and development capabilities to deliver knowledge and application of the Enneagram Personality Applications to suit the needs of your organisation and various audience. It is specially designed to help trainers and speakers improve their skills for training the Enneagram to others and doing debriefing of the 9 POV profile and brief lessons and practices on coaching.

To become an Enneagram Certified Trainer, you must meet the international standards, professional practice, and educational requirements before earning our certificates and licenses of practice. EQ World prepares, educates, qualifies, and certifies candidates through three levels of Certification Programs. These levels comprise of the Enneagram Practitioner Certification (Level 1), the Enneagram Coach Certification (Level 2) and Associate Enneagram Trainer (Level 3).


8 to 12 pax

AUDIENCE: Agency Leaders / Managers / Directors / Line Trainers

AUDIENCE: 18, 19, 21, March 2024 (Day 4 will be confirmed soon)

TIME: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily


  • Attended L1 and Level 2 Enneagram Certifications
  • You have some training experience
  • At least attended 1 certification with EQ World
  • Passionate about the subject
  • Willing to be audited and coached during your first run of training


  • Regular fees for the 4 Day Certification is SGD2550 per Pax

  • Early Bird: SGD2250 (If registered two (2) weeks or earlier before commencement of program)

  • Additional SGD1000 for Observation and Feedback (when you conduct your first run) upon which you will be certified.

Associate Enneagram Trainer (EQ World)

Workbook, Slides, Trainer’s Guide, 9POV Enneagram Personality Profile online test


  • The 9 POV Profile for all participants of future workshops
  • Customized Enneagram Slides from EQ World
  • Customized Enneagram Workbook from EQ World
  • Enneagram Insights card Deck
  • Enneagram Profiling Deck

  • Great opportunity to become an Enneagram Trainer by developing & enhancing your Enneagram Knowledge and Training Skills
  • Small Class Size for optimum Participant-Trainer Interaction
  • Courses delivered by Master Trainers who are International Enneagram Association (IEA) Professionals
  • Gain the confidence to successfully deliver Enneagram Workshops and Talk


  1. Learn to do a deep debrief and facilitate change with all 9 types.
  2. Use appropriate coaching language and questions to debrief different profiles
  3. Learn to decipher and debrief difficult 9POV profiles.
  4. Delve deeper into the subtypes and how to utilize it when participants are unclear about their Enneagram Type.
  5. Learn to facilitate and practice delivering a 2 day program
  6. Learn and practice multiple enneagram icebreakers, fillers and activities  for classroom delivery.
  7. Practice telling Type-based stories and finding your gems in preparation for classroom training.
  8. Uncover your facilitation blind spots when facilitating a workshop and dealing with larger groups.
  9. Acquire feedback from the trainers and fellow participants about gaps to fill and skills to enhance.
  10. Obtain critical feedback from the Master Trainers when you deliver your live class.

For more information, please contact:
Singapore: WhatsApp (+65) 9021 7669
or e-mail info@eqworld.com.
Malaysia: +60127297633

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"Enneagram Train-The-Trainer: Empowering Coaches of Authentic Change."

What People Are Saying


Customised a 4 day TTT with EQ World. It was in depth and insightful even for a certified Enneagram trainer like me. Dr Gran and Marion took the effort to get to know each of our strengths and weaknesses better and to guide us on how to better our skills, and as a trainer. They did not hold back on imparting their valuable knowledge and went all out to make us the best that we can be. I truly appreciate and have never looked back on our journey with EQ World. If you want to look for a reliable TTT master class, it's with EQ World.

Irene Ng AVP Centre for Excellence GE Life

The practical application to work and life. Its real, and very driven by our own case studies. Facilitators was able to align the learning back to our own understanding. I am able to pause, and recollect and reflect more effectively. Self awareness tops my chart, knowing mydeveliped areas and my key dominant types and learninvto flex my types to situation for the optimal outcomes. Dr Gran are just amazing, the classes are well paced, and he is always ready to take on any questions.A very enabling ennegram coach! Marion is equally competent and is able to hold string sound discussions on the topics deliberated and is very encouraging. I would strongly recommend this course to everyone seeking answers on self awareness, better communication with others and having deeper understanding at workplace for optimal results. Knowing the Enneagram language has been life changing, and critical to the way I conduct myself for better relationship building skills daily.

Zubaida Osman Ex-Head of Centre For Excellence Great Eastern Life

I attended the Train-The-Trainer for Enneagram by EQ world. Dr Gran and Marion were taking the session for us. They were very accommodating and patient with us as we were trying to firm up how we are going to plan the curriculum for our company. Those 4 days were the foundation for all of us to be confident facilitating the company wide program. They provided us with the contents and direction to lead the participants. We were able to establish clear objectives of what we want the participants to take away. The TTT was well planned out and clear for us to understand each segment and the purpose. We were also given the freedom to be fluid. Lastly, through the observation of Dr Gran we were given constructive and clear feedback on what we should be improving on, which made things even more crystal.

Oliver Ching Assistant Director | Ministry of Foreign Affairs